Grace Will Take You Places (Day 1)

To all the saints in Christ Jesus who are in Philippi: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:1-2

Grace will take you places hustling can’t. Liz Gilbert

Rising strong is a spiritual practice. Brené Brown

Last month we moved our family home of 30-years to new digs. Not fun. If I had wanted to move, I wouldn’t have waited 30 years. The last Saturday of the move, I woke up to no coffee beans. (Correction: There were enough beans for one weak cup that could make me sick for the rest of my day, my month, my week or even my year.). Starbucks is a mile away, so I jumped barefoot into the Jeep (without my wallet) and wheeled into the crowded drive up.

After a long wait, I found myself having ordered an Americano, with no money to pay, and no way out of the long line without facing the Barista. Imagine my surprise when I told him my story; and he told me that the bill had already been paid by the car in front of me. 

The surprise and relief of that moment is a small pointer to the flavor of Paul’s prayer for grace in Philippians 1.

Grace is a free, undeserved gift, but The full meaning of God’s Grace can only be grasped when we find ourselves in a vulnerable state. On most days God’s gifts seem like a spiritual enhancement– an inspiring twist on what is already happening, rather than a radical rescue from doom.

In the rising strong process, grace is more than a spiritual enhancement: It gives life to the dead. Grace is God’s undeserved gift of an open heart, an honest heart and wisdom. These gifts cannot be bought, earned, learned or boasted in. This Grace is freely given by the One who makes us, loves us and will see to it that we rise strong.

Grace is God’s responsibility. May God give you Grace as you step into a new adventure.

Starter Prayer

God, teach me the difference between the spirituality of rising strong and the habit of hustling for worthiness and success.

Reading Focus for Rising Strong, by Brené Brown

Chapter One: The Physics of Vulnerability (Also known as the 10 Rules of Engagement for Rising Strong.

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Katie Martinez

Katie Martinez is a pastor and spiritual director living and working in northern Colorado—She speaks and writes about spirituality, leadership and the Martinez Family antics. Katie is married to Dave, and the two have four daughters, two sons in law, a boyfriend or two, four college roommates, one cat and three grandkitties. A lover of mountains, rivers, oceans and trees, Katie's favorite things are sleeping, waking, reading and traveling.

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