Welcome To 40 Days of Rising Strong™

We’re learning how to do rising strong as a spiritual practice. Join us for a Rising Strong read-along, daily scripture meditations and groups discussions.

Why do I think you’re amazing?

You’re curious! Curious enough to learn some new things about living wholeheartedly. And if wholehearted living is not new for you– thanks for being here to share some wisdom and keep on learning.

Since we are hard wired for connection, I hope you find at least one other companion for the journey. Family, friends or work mates will do. So will besties, bros, book clubs and church small groups. The important thing is to talk with others about what you are discovering. If you need help getting connected, email groups@crossroadscolorado.com. A team member will be in touch.

What can you expect?

  • Daily devotions from the Book of Philippians posted here on AWAKE, beginning Oct 13.
  • Weekly reading/audiobook schedule for Rising Strong by Brené Brown. (2-3 chapters, about 50 pages/week.)
  • Weekly video lessons & group discussion guide
  • Downloadable exercises for individual practice

Rising Strong books are available in the Crossroads Atrium, on Amazon, etc…

The rest of the resources are free to anyone who registers for the study at crossroadscolorado.com/risingstrong. So Crossroads group leaders: be sure everyone in your group registers. When you register, you get a password for the resource page.

What if I’m not much of a reader?

No judgment; And! Consider listening on Audible. I first listened to Rising Strong on the audible app while driving around in the mountains. I drove from Loveland up to Cameron Pass, down into Walden and back home over Trail Ridge Road. 

But… if you don’t do books or mountain drives, (we need to talk:) my weekly video comments and your group discussions will be a solid introduction to the big ideas of Rising Strong™. 


  1. Invite anyone you know who might like this study to register at crossroadscolorado.com/risingstrong. They need to register in order to access the videos and downloads.
  2. Feel free to comment and discuss daily, here on AWAKE.
  3. Never miss a day: follow AWAKE, and receive posts by email in the wee hours of the morning.
  4. Join us at Crossroads for the HOPE RISING weekend series. Lead Pastor Ryan Howell is teaching how God’s Hope rises from the ashes of life’s most painful and challenging circumstances.

God’s Best,

Published by

Katie Martinez

Katie Martinez is a pastor and spiritual director living and working in northern Colorado—She speaks and writes about spirituality, leadership and the Martinez Family antics. Katie is married to Dave, and the two have four daughters, two sons in law, a boyfriend or two, four college roommates, one cat and three grandkitties. A lover of mountains, rivers, oceans and trees, Katie's favorite things are sleeping, waking, reading and traveling.

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