Be Ready

“Only people who first choose for the journey with God, eventually grow into Mercy [Christlikeness]. But just be ready for the trials and confusion that this clear choice will lead you into.”  Richard Rohr, Wondrous Encounters

Today is Thursday after Ash Wednesday, and Father Rohr is talking about choices. He urges  us to choose—surrender to God and set your course. And then he warns us about the road ahead.

What trials and confusion have you experienced since the time you made a choice to follow Christ? What good choice are you avoiding today? What are you afraid of? Fear aside, what do you stand to gain?

Deuteronomy 30:19-20; Luke 9:24-25

We are on a 40 day journey through Richard Rohr’s devotions for Lent. Comments and conversation are welcome here and in the Facebook Group.

Published by

Katie Martinez

Katie Martinez is a pastor and spiritual director living and working in northern Colorado—She thinks about blogging about spirituality, leadership and the Martinez Family antics. Katie is married to Dave, and the two have four daughters, two sons in law, one boyfriend, four college roommates, one cat and three grandkitties. A lover of mountains, rivers, oceans and trees, Katie's favorite things are sleeping, waking, reading and traveling.

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