Give Up Ignorance For Lent

Jesus grew—in “wisdom, maturity and grace” (Luke 2:40).

What if we gave up ignorance for Lent? What if we took these 40 days to learn wisdom from the daily passages? What if we learn about God’s message by learning to live it? What if you came to know God’s love and acceptance this year?

Since Lent 2012, I have been using Richard Rohr’s daily meditations called Wondrous Encounters: Scripture For Lent. This year, the Martinez Family and some friends will be doing this study together, Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday, March 1 – April 15.

Will you join us?

Rohr’s meditations are short teachings. Each one is based on a scripture passage and ends with a verse for meditation and a starter prayer. The book is available at Amazon, on Kindle, iBooks, audible and other places. I have the hard copy in my reading stack and the iBook version on my phone.

You could read the preface and intro right now. Comments and conversation are welcome here and in the Facebook Group.


If you see one you like, bite.

  1. Are you in, and why?
  2. What are you NOT giving up for Lent, and why?

Published by

Katie Martinez

Katie Martinez is a pastor and spiritual director living and working in northern Colorado—She thinks about blogging about spirituality, leadership and the Martinez Family antics. Katie is married to Dave, and the two have four daughters, two sons in law, one boyfriend, four college roommates, one cat and three grandkitties. A lover of mountains, rivers, oceans and trees, Katie's favorite things are sleeping, waking, reading and traveling.

3 thoughts on “Give Up Ignorance For Lent”

  1. I’ll read along and participate! Never enough time for the good things unless you set it aside for them. And I am not giving up beer because I have too much travel planned with friends.


  2. I am not giving up FB for lent because it connects me to my tribe both here and in Denmark. I dont know if lent can also be a celebration of sorts. I feel like adding something as oppose to giving up something.


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