Be Ready

“Only people who first choose for the journey with God, eventually grow into Mercy [Christlikeness]. But just be ready for the trials and confusion that this clear choice will lead you into.”  Richard Rohr, Wondrous Encounters

Today is Thursday after Ash Wednesday, and Father Rohr is talking about choices. He urges  us to choose—surrender to God and set your course. And then he warns us about the road ahead.

What trials and confusion have you experienced since the time you made a choice to follow Christ? What good choice are you avoiding today? What are you afraid of? Fear aside, what do you stand to gain?

Deuteronomy 30:19-20; Luke 9:24-25

We are on a 40 day journey through Richard Rohr’s devotions for Lent. Comments and conversation are welcome here and in the Facebook Group.

Better Things To Want

I used to ask God to give me the desires of my heart, and now I see how there are better things to want.

In today’s devotion Father Rohr asks us to “Ask for new desires.”

I first heard about desires in Jr. High. The youth leader taught us Psalm 37, “Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” We applied the verse two ways: First, delight in the Lord. Put God first by having a quiet time and obeying (a select few of) the Bible’s teachings about outward behavior. Then ask God for the things you need and want. We were taught: If for some reason you want something that displeases God, God will change you. No stress. (Except that you have to put God first, and most kids can’t.)

Not a bad thing to teach a 7th grader. What parent or youth leader wouldn’t want the kids reading Bibles and asking God for solid stuff like Christian husbands, good grades and success on the ball field?

When I grew up, I noticed that husbands, grades and state championships are passing symbols of abundant life. I also started to want more and more passing symbols like an important job, good kids and attractive luggage. The nature of these symbols is that they come and go. They are desirable for sure, but they are not THE desire of my heart. And the “delight in God” part—while Bible reading and prayer are necessary and good —actual Delight IN God is something else.

And so, how can I describe the new thing I now want? Thank goodness for books, because sometimes I find my deepest desires written out by another person. Martin Buber writes this about me and God…

Yes; in pure relation you have felt yourself to be simply dependent, as you are able to feel in no other relation—and simply free, too, as in no other time or place; you have felt yourself to be both creaturely and creative. You had the one feeling then no longer limited by the other, but you had both of them limitlessly and together.

Thank you Martin Buber. THIS IS what I want.

We are on a 40 day journey through Richard Rohr’s devotions for Lent. Comments and conversation are welcome here and in the Facebook Group.

Give Up Ignorance For Lent

Jesus grew—in “wisdom, maturity and grace” (Luke 2:40).

What if we gave up ignorance for Lent? What if we took these 40 days to learn wisdom from the daily passages? What if we learn about God’s message by learning to live it? What if you came to know God’s love and acceptance this year?

Since Lent 2012, I have been using Richard Rohr’s daily meditations called Wondrous Encounters: Scripture For Lent. This year, the Martinez Family and some friends will be doing this study together, Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday, March 1 – April 15.

Will you join us?

Rohr’s meditations are short teachings. Each one is based on a scripture passage and ends with a verse for meditation and a starter prayer. The book is available at Amazon, on Kindle, iBooks, audible and other places. I have the hard copy in my reading stack and the iBook version on my phone.

You could read the preface and intro right now. Comments and conversation are welcome here and in the Facebook Group.


If you see one you like, bite.

  1. Are you in, and why?
  2. What are you NOT giving up for Lent, and why?